Who We Are

Pearl Global Ltd is a publicly listed, clean conversion company with exclusive worldwide patents to convert end-of-life tyres into sustainable, clean energy and high-value raw materials.

At Pearl we turn waste tyres into an environmental solution by repurposing them into high-quality products that contribute to better environmental and social outcomes.

Our commitment to a sustainable future for all means that we support our customers in achieving their decarbonisation and sustainability goals.


The world needs a solution to waste tyres that ensures optimal repurposing with minimal environmental impact. Existing recycling solutions for Australia’s waste tyres result in less than 20% of recovered material being truly repurposed. The rest is sent to landfill or shipped overseas to be burned. The impact on the environment and communities by this practice is unacceptable.

Not only does Pearl Global ensure that nearly 100% of every tyre is repurposed – the processing produces low emissions and the products created are of exceptional quality. Pearl Global products have been proven – through independent research – to contribute to the decarbonisation of infrastructure when used in the manufacturing of new products.

The Pearl Global thermal desorption process is modular and is cost-effective to scale. It does not require purpose-built facilities.

A typical facility with four thermal desorption units can process approximately 25,000 tonnes or 2.5 million tyres per year. Using the products generated by the Pearl Global facility in the asphalt industry results in additional benefits including superior durability of infrastructure and saving 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year.

Our Technology

Pearl Global’s technology uses a unique extreme heating process called Thermal Desorption to cleanly separate waste into its component parts.

In the case of end-of-life rubber, Pearl’s Thermal Desorption Units (TDUs) convert shredded tyres into Tyre-Derived Fuel Oil, Recovered Carbon Black and non-condensable gas. The steel from the tyre is also recovered when preparing the tyre feed for the TDUs.

The Tyre-Derived Fuel Oil and the Recovered Carbon Black are sold commercially to the asphalt industry, the steel is recycled, and the clean non-condensable gases (currently vented) can be used to produce electricity.

Pearl Global’s technology is modular and can be fitted into existing infrastructure with minimal construction requirements allowing for scalability to match requirements with low capital cost.

Pearl Global’s showcase facility in Queensland has four Thermal Desorption Units and has processed over 2 million tyres to date.

Future Direction

We are targeting growth in Australia initially through the establishment of multiple sites across the country. With our thermal conversion technology patented in the UK and USA we are actively exploring international markets.

Our technology has the potential to be extended to process other waste products including treated timber, contaminated soils and plastic bottles.

We are here to assist governments and industry transition into an environmentally sustainable, decarbonised future.

We are committed to delivering clean, green communities, a safe environment and a circular economy for all to benefit.