Who We Are

Pearl Global Ltd (ASX:PG1) is a publicly listed, clean conversion company with exclusive worldwide patents that convert end of life tyres into sustainable, clean energy and high value raw materials.

Pearl offers shareholders an ethical impact investment, helping to clean up a global environmental “catastrophe” of over 1.5 billion tyres dumped every year – converting that waste into profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly clean energy and raw products that are recycled into much needed infrastructure.

Cleaning Up With Waste

With increased public demand and tightening government policy, there is an urgent outcry for efficient, sustainable clean energy and environmentally sound disposal of waste.

Pearl delivers on both – with Environmental Protection Authority approval, significant Government grants and 5 year civil contracts in place for 100% of the off-take.

A Pearl unit is a modular and portable clean conversion processing plant that can be taken direct to the tyre supply. It fits inside a 40ft shipping container, can generate its own power, and needs only 2 operators. A single unit has the capacity to process up to 300,000 tyres per year, with the potential to reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by 1,000 tonnes.

Our Technology

Pearl’s technology uses a unique extreme heating process called Thermal Desorption to cleanly separate waste into its component parts. In the case of end of life rubber, Pearl’s Thermal Desorption Units (TDUs) convert shredded tyres into oil, char and non-condensable gas, and liberates the steel from the rubber. These products can be sold commercially or further treated to create higher value added products. The process can potentially generate power for a range of other uses.

Pearl’s technology operates from compact, portable units within a 40-foot iso-frame, the size of a shipping container, which can be transported to and operated at the source. This makes it cheaper and more efficient than other methods currently on offer. The portability and modular design of the TDUs means they can also be easily scaled.

Pearl has successfully operated three TDUs and is now commercially operating in Queensland.

Future Direction

The company is targeting growth in Australia initially through the establishment of multiple sites close to the supplies of tyres, as well as exploring opportunities in international markets with favourable regulatory environments.

The technology has the potential to be extended to process other waste products including treated timber, contaminated soils and plastic bottles. These products are all available in vast and growing quantities in Australia and offshore.

With environmental concerns rising and governments seeking or mandating solutions for waste, Pearl is uniquely placed to offer a solution that is both environmentally sound and commercially viable.