Our Products

Pearl Global’s process converts 100% of the disposed tyre into valuable products.


High-grade fuel oil produced in marketable quantities or, if further processed, even more valuable solvents, and very high-grade carbon black, which is in demand worldwide for the tyre, paint, plastic and other general manufacturing industries.


A clean rubber-free product which can be sold to recyclers worldwide and re-used in the manufacturing and steel industries.

Carbon char

A fine powdered substance that can be sold as an energy source for cement kilns or further upgraded into higher value products such as activated carbon, with an improved emissions profile. There is potentially high global demand for quality activated carbon, which is used in plastics, paint, industrial manufacturing and water filtration.


Non-condensable gases are passed through a thermal oxidiser to produce emissions that are significantly lower than the minimum standards allowed by the European Waste Incineration Directive.

Being hydrocarbons and especially rich in hydrogen, the gases produced also have the potential to be converted into electricity for multiple external applications as well as self-powering of Pearl TDUs. Preliminary trials indicate the potential to generate sufficient power for 1000 homes.

Pearl is in the process of verifying the amount of energy that could be produced from this conversion process.